Our clients are amazed by our professional, punctual, and courteous service. Here is our clients’ experience:

Why did Leila sign up:

As a working woman living on my own and moving into a new apartment, I had no idea what to look for to make sure that I will not have any unpleasant surprises once I moved to my new place.

How Leila described our overall service:

MMG Home Services went through all bathrooms, kitchen sinks and air conditions checking them out, cleaning them when necessary, and preempting all the snags that could be potentially dangerous and annoying. Going all the way to checking the electric dashboard and testing it to make sure everything is properly installed with no leakages, short circuits or malfunctions. It was overall a smooth stress free experience that left me with peace of mind in my new place.

How Leila described how neat our work is:

The team arrived on time, set up theirs tools outside and once inside made sure they wore gloves and covered their boots to keep the apartment clean. They worked quietly and meticulously. I did not even feel that I had workers at home. Everything was checked systematically and I was solicited for any specific complaints I had.

Why Leila recommends us:

I have recommended the team to all my friends. At least they do not fix one thing and ruin another like most workers do. Most importantly I trust them in everything they say and do regarding my home maintenance.

How long does the preventive visit last?

It ranges from 2 hours to half a day, based on the size of your apartment.

Whom do I call if I have a question or problem?

Our hotline is 81633933 and is available 24/7, to respond to your inquiries and requests.

Are corrective repairs included in the maintenance contract?

You will have up to 3 Corrective visits per year along with the Preventive visit. For larger projects, we will have our in-house handyman or appropriate service partners provide an estimate for your approval prior to doing the work.

Do I need to sign up for all of your services?

You can always use our On-call services, however, signing up for a yearly maintenance contract gives you priority and peace of mind to ensure timely and efficient service.

I already have technicians/suppliers handling this service.
Would I need to switch?

We recognize that homeowners may already have a trusted plumber, electrician or AC Technician, however, we are offering you peace of mind through a single point of contact and a professional service where no cleaning is required after our technicians, no tools or equipment borrowed, and we return every piece we move out during maintenance to its original place.

How do you price the service?

Your contract is priced based on your home size and equipment to be maintained.

How do I pay for the service?

We send out an invoice once you sign the contract via email or within a few days of the visit. The payment terms are 100% in advance. You can pay by check, or bank wire transfer.