MMG Holdings is one of the Middle East’s leading facility management companies, offering expertise in facility management, property management, energy services, and MEP home services. Since its launch in 1999, MMG has expanded across the region, managed by its headquarter in Lebanon, offering a total integrated solution for all your facility’s needs.

MMG Home Services

MMG Home Services, a new division of PMG, aims to expand further to target clients’ apartments through home maintenance services. We provide a team of highly skilled Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) specialists and technicians who are just a phone call away to help you out with indoor preventive and corrective maintenance. This means your home will be functioning as it should; free of mishaps.

Our team of professional technicians are energized to provide you with the following:

Air Conditioning & Ventilation system services:

    Enjoy your ideal home cooling and heating temperature by keeping your AC systems running smoothly all season long.

Electrical Services:

    Indulge in a bubbly hot bath and guarantee warm showers by hiring our team to check-up on your water heaters regularly. Book an inspection today to help you reduce electricity costs and replace your faulty light fixtures and flickering lamps.

Plumbing Services:

    No need to avoid your neighbor in the hallway just because you have a leakage problem affecting his apartment. Call us today to make sure that your drainage lines are clean and unclogged.

A La Carte Services:

In addition to the standard offering, we provide the following services for additional charges:

  • Modification works including upgrades and new installations
  • Waterproofing and roofing
  • Full re-lamping and lighting upgrades, any Automation and PLC systems
  • Replacement of AC units
  • Replacement of water tanks, major installations and pipelines
  • Chillers, compressors, shell & condenser coils replacement
  • No provision for utilities, i.e. power, water, district cooling, sewage treatment, etc.
  • All tenant and retail fit out work supervision for units
  • Design reviews or sign off on retail fit out works
  • Main drainage cleaning, contractor

Get in touch today to quote the above extra services separately. It will be based on your request and an inspection done by our representatives.